About Us

From the rich tradition of the Venetian region to Cambridge, bringing food and drinks of multiple cultures together.

Our Story

The Venetian was founded by Andrea and Domenico, two lifelong friends who shared a passion for food, wine, and hospitality. Growing up in the Veneto region of Italy, they were immersed in a rich culinary culture that celebrated fresh, seasonal ingredients and the art of wine making. Both Andrea and Domenico were particularly drawn to the world of wine, and over the years they became passionate sommeliers, honing their knowledge and expertise through extensive study and travel.

Today, The Venetian is a beloved fixture in the Cambridge dining scene, known for its warm, welcoming atmosphere, exceptional food, and unparalleled wine selection. Andrea and Domenico continue to be involved in every aspect of the restaurant’s operation, from selecting the wine list to designing the menus, and they take great pride in sharing their passion for food and wine with each and every guest who walks through their doors.

Eat, drink, chat, work

A space open to everyone, in the heart of Cambridge.

Cozy Place

Feel at home and find your atmosphere.

Relaxed Atmosphere

Take refuge away from the crowds in our unique restaurant.

Our Specialties

One of the standout specialties at The Venetian is the pizza, specifically Pizza Andrea and Pizza Domenico, both of which were invented by the founders themselves. These pizzas are a true representation of the restaurant’s philosophy of bringing together the best flavors from various regions of Italy to create new, exciting tastes.

Pizza Domenico

Tomato, mozzarella, Prosciutto Crudo and buffalo mozzarella

Pizza Andrea

Tomato, mozzarella, speck and Blue cheese


Meet the Venetian Team

Andrea and Domenico decided to take their love of food and wine to the next level by opening their own restaurant. They wanted to create a space that celebrated the diversity and richness of European cuisine, while also providing a showcase for the many wonderful wines that they had discovered throughout their years of tasting and exploration.


Domenico Bonadio


Andrea Coaro