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The Venetian taste experience, for breakfast, lunch, aperitivo, and to take home.


Pizza often defines the term “Italian food”. In our menu it could not be missed, but we introduce some new interpretations of traditional Italian recipes.

Discover the flavours of Italy through our authentic pizzas!


Tomato, mozzarella and basil


Tomato, mozzarella and Spianata Piccante (spicy salame)

Funghi & Salsiccia

Tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms and Italian sausage


Tomato, mozzarella, speck and Blue cheese

Prosciutto cotto & funghi

Tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms and cooked ham


Tomato, mozzarella, Prosciutto Crudo and buffalo mozzarella

4 Formaggi

White base, mozzarella, goat's, blue's and cow's milk cheese

Bresaola & rocket

Tomato, mozzarella, bresaola (beef), rocket and parmesan shaves

Vegan Mix

Tomato, peppers, courgettes, aubergines and mushrooms

Fattore F

Tomato, peppers, Porchetta and Brie

Farinata (or Cecina)

Traditional flat bread made of chickpea flour, water, and extra-virgin olive oil.

It is naturally vegan and gluten-free, with a unique taste that can easily accompain a variety of toppings, or be enjoyed on its own.

Choose your toppings between Charcuterie, Cheese, and Vegetables.


Cracked salt and pepper

With one topping

One topping of your choice.

With Two toppings

Two toppings of your choice.

With Three toppings

Three toppings of your choice.


The true Italian tradition of layers of pasta alternating with bolognese sauce and bechamel sauce.

Not really a lasagna, but for the veggie-lover we also propose here our very best Parmigiana.


Beef Lasagna

Oven-baked pasta layers filled with bolognese sauce, bechamel, parmesan.


Vegetarian parmigiana

Oven-baked aubergine layers filled with tomato sauce, mozzarella, and topped with parmesan.


The tradition of Italian food on the go, not to be confused with fast food. Panino is a staple of Italian every-day food.

Taste them cold, or soft and warm from our baker’s oven.

All for £7.50

The Classic

Cooked ham, Asiago cheese, salad and tomatoes.

The Fine

Prosciutto Crudo, mozzarella and salad

The Bold

Speck, sheep cheese, roasted potatoes & mushrooms

The Old Bologna


The Gardener

Peppers, courgettes, aubergines and mushrooms


Refreshing and traditional, a salad is the perfect light and tasty dish to savour the Italian flvours.

We present you a selection of traditional and original salad recipes that will make you travel from sea to mountains and plains.

Bufala Caprese

Fresh buffalo mozzarella on a bed of salad and sliced tomatoes.

Mixed Salad

Lettuce, tomatoes, olives and mozzarella.

Tuna Salad

Lettuce, tomatoes, sweetcorn, olives and tuna.

Bresaola and Rocket Salad

Lettuce, tomatoes, sweetcorn, olives and tuna.

Our caffetteria

Come for the food, and stay for the coffee… Or the pastries!

Taste the authentic flavour of Italian coffee, accompained by fragrant croissants and fresh cakes.


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You can book anything from a single spot to the entire room for a private event.

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